Young Women’s Leadership Development Courses

Buland Iradey, Naye Kaushal, Nayi Raahein and Bekhauf Nazrein are our flagship programmes. The purpose of these programmes is three-fold: to build perspective on women’s rights and gender equality, to impart and consolidate digital skills, and to provide experience in community action. The programmes also use technology to build leadership among marginalised young girls and women – those who combat patriarchal barriers as an everyday matter. We put to work technology, the great enabler of our age, to both help these girls access information and acquire the skills that help reduce the digital gender divide and make silenced voices heard.

Our mission is also to build community-level leaders. The learning from the programmes builds confidence in these young women, enabling them to first challenge gender norms at home. Subsequent access to employment opportunities and the intellectual and emotional means to push back against gender-based violence or discrimination transforms their lives. And change in individual women’s lives leads to change within the community.

Empowering Adolescent Girls at the Community Level

Our programme to empower adolescent girls at the community level employs three main strategies – building community-level forums, establishing leadership centers and creating gender awareness through public events, campaigns etc. These interventions with adolescent girls ground our gender awareness and leadership-building work at the community level.